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Islamic eschatology is the branch of Islamic scholarship that studies Yawm al-Qiyamah ("the Day of Resurrection") or Yawm ad-Din ("the Day of Judgment").  This is the final assessment of humanity by Allah (God), with annihilation of all life, resurrection, and judgment.

Names of day of judgment

يوم الدين - Yawmud-Deen [Day of Judgment] (1:4)

يوم الآخر - Yawmul-Akhir [Last Day] (2:8)

يوم القيامة - Yawmul-Qiyamah [Day of Resurrection] (2:85)

يوم لا ريب فيه - Yawmul Laa Rayba Feeh [A Day about which there is no doubt] (3:9)

يوم عصيب - Yawun-'Aseeb [A Distressful Day] (11:77)

يوم مجموع - Yawmun-Majmoo' [A Day where mankind will be gathered together] (11:103)

يوم مشهود - Yawmun-Mashhood [A Day when all will be present] (11:103)

يوم لا بيع فيه ولا خلال - Yawmul-Laa Bay'un Feehi wa Laa Khilaal [A Day on which there will be no mutual bargaining nor befriending] (14:31)

يوم الوقت المعلوم - Yawmul-Waqtil-Ma'loom [Day of The Time Appointed] (15:38)

يوم الحسرة - Yawmul-Hasrah [Day of Distress] (19:39)

يوم عقيم - Yawmun-'Aqeem [Day of Disaster] (22:55)

يوم لا مرد له - Yawmun-Laa Maraddalah [A Day which none can avert it] (30:43)

يوم البعث - Yawmul-Ba'th [Day of Resurrection] (30:56)

يوم الفتح - Yawmul-Fath [Day of Decision] (32:29)

يوم الفصل - Yawmul-Fasl [Day of Sorting Out] (37:21)

يوم الحساب - Yawmul-Hisab [Day of Account] (38:16)

يوم التلاق - Yawmut-Talaaq [Day of Mutual Meeting] (40:15)

يوم الآزفة - Yawmul-Aazifah [The Day That Is Drawing Near] (40:18)

يوم التناد - Yawmut-Tanaad [The Day When There Will Be Mutual Calling] (40:32)

يوم الجمع - Yawmul-Jam'i [Day of Gathering] (42:7)

يوم الوعيد - Yawmul-Wa'eed [Day of Warning] (50:20)

يوم الخلود - Yawmul-Khulood [Day of Eternal Life] (50:34)

يوم الخروج - Yawmul-Khurooj [Day of Coming Out] (50:42)

يوم عسر - Yawmun 'Asir [A Hard Day] (54:9)

يوم نحس مستمر - Yawmu Nahsim Mustamirr [A Violent Day] (54:19)

يوم التغابن - Yawmut-Taghabun [Day of Mutual Loss & Gain] (64:9)

يوم عسير - Yawmun-'Aseer [A Hard Day] (74:9)

يوم الحق - Yawmul-Haqq [Day of Truth] (78:39)

يوم الموعود - Yawmul-Maw'ood [Promised Day] (85:2)

الساعة - As-Saa'ah [The Hour] (6:31)

الواقعة - Al-Waqi'ah [The Event] (56:1)

الحاقة - Al-Haqqah [The Reality] (69:1)

القارعة - Al-Qari'ah [The Striking Hour] (69:4)

الطآمة الكبرى - At-Taammatul-Kubra [The Greatest Catostrophe] (79:34)

الصاخة - As-Sakhkhah [The Trumpet Blast] (80:33)

الغاشية - Al-Ghashiyah [The Overwhelming] (88:1)